Thursday, June 28, 2007

How to save pictures from Manjam on your computer

I have a friend who insists on forwarding pictures of hot guys to my inbox. Although I have been asking him not to do it, I'm glad secretly that he doesn't listen to me.

The other day he sent me links to some hot profiles from an assorted number of dating websites.
Like any normal gay guy, I enjoy viewing pictures of good looking guys from all over the world.

If I come across a picture that is exceptional, I save it on my computer to view it again later.

One of the profiles my friend sent was on the website Manjam. The pictures were hot so I wanted to save them.

But the clever folks at Manjam obviously did not want me to do that. They had disabled the right click menu on my mouse. I'm not the one to give up so easily. Promptly an email was sent to an IT friend of mine. If he couldn't help me, no one could.

Luckily he was able to crack the puzzle for me. So ladies and gentleman, presented here are steps for saving pictures from Manjam to your computer. I hope this will illustrate that no matter what, pictures on the Internet are always "savable"! I hope I'm not making the paranoid guys out that more paranoid.

Note: These steps are for Internet Explorer browser because that is what I use. If you use some other browser, the steps may vary slightly.
  1. Open the profile on Manjam what you would like to save the picture from
  2. Right-click on the page somewhere other than the picture that you want to save
  3. Select "View Source" from the menu that pops up. In the FireFox browser this may be "View Page Source"
  4. This will open the "html source code" of the web page. Most likely this will open in the Notepad program
  5. About 30 lines down into the source code you will see a line "s = new slide();"
  6. This line is the key. Just below this line you will see another line. It will be something like "s.src = "/UserData/photo/play/1/1956l633012783657052963.jpeg";"
  7. This is the link to the first picture on the profile. Copy the part starting from UserData to .jpeg from the line. In this case it is "UserData/photo/play/1/1956l633012783657052963.jpeg"
  8. To this add the website link in front so that it becomes ""
  9. This is the link to the first picture. Copy this link in the address bar of your browser and the picture will open and you can save it to your computer!
  10. Repeat steps 7 to 9 for every "s = new slide();" line that appears below the first one for each additional picture on the profile.

I hope this helps you save the pictures of your fantasy guys on your computers for your viewing pleasure. I got my favorite guy on my computer. Now go get yours!


Anonymous said...

Another way is to use Avant browser. Enable the floating toolbar. Whenever you hover over a picture, the floating toolbar appears. Then simply click on the floppy icon to save the picture.


maddy said...

Go to the profile right click on the small thumbnail of the pic u want to save and click "open into new tab" or whatever it will open it into new tab then just save that easy:)

maddy456 from manjam;)

nattz said...

another way:
simply save the page u're currently viewing. and the pic will be saved in the folder
*for mozilla browser