Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bombay Dost is back

I am quite excited about this news. For those who do not know, Bombay Dost was India's first and only gay magazine. It used to be published before the Internet era and was probably the only link for gay guys with the gay world in those days. This was before my time and I have never seen any issue of the magazine. My search for old editions proved fruitless, although I probably didn't try that hard.

Now it is coming back. Here is the message that I received today:

Bombay Dost

Bombay Dost, India’s first LGBT magazine, is returning in a new, bolder-than-ever avatar. The boldness has to do with the forthrightness with which LGBT cultural expression is showcased.

The magazine is now a  full 56-colour pages with a glossy cover.

Highlights of the re-launch issue include: a round-up and analysis of events in the past year; Bombay Dost’s people of the year; an alternative guide to cinema featuring 100 films that have a queer resonance; articles by Ruth Vanitha and Sandip Roy; original, new art and short fiction; tributes to Nishit Saran and Chetan Datar; a translation of ‘Lihaaf’; extract from Amruta Patil’s ‘Kari’; essays on bisexuality and on friendships between gay and straight men; a rewind to the beginning of ‘Bombay Dost’ in 1990; interviews with Mr Gay Europe and Mr Gay India; and lots more.

The re-launch edition is truly a collector’s item. Watch this space for the launch date and where to pick up your copy.

The relaunch of the magazine is supported by UNDP and The Humsafar Trust.

You may visit us  at the below site for a sneak preview


I can't wait to get my hands on the first edition of the new Bombay Dost. I wish the very best of luck to the Bombay Dost team and hope that it scales new heights and brings about a gay revolution here in India.


Nitin Karani said...

Thanks. We are excited about the reception to 'Bombay Dost' too!

Kanishka said...

am staying in Andheri West, Mumbai. Even i want a copy of the gay mag - Bombay Dost. Can anybody please tell me who to contact or where i need to go to get a copy of it?
i can be contacted on: 9892168590.

cheers Ken