Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Big Fat Gay Bust!

Ok, so I have been away from this blog for quite some time. In my defence, I do have the usual excuses we infrequent bloggers use - lack of time, hectic work schedule, messed up love life, blah blah blah...

To get on with it, there has been a lot happening in Bombay and in India as far as LGBT activities are concerned.

The latest event of note was when the Mumbai Police decided to do a Lucknow on us. I always thought the Mumbai Police have always been progressive and do not stoop to the levels some other city police departments have resorted to in the past. Obviously I was wrong.

Thankfully the guys detained by the police stood their ground and the police couldn't charge them with anything. All they could do was invoke the prohibition act and charged them with possession of liqour withou permits! I wonder when this draconian law will be written off.

Informed sources tell me that the raid was very much pre-planned. The guy who was organizing the thane do apparently thinks higher forces from Delhi were responsible. Others have said it was the handiwork of a rival group that also organises parties. I know for sure that at least a couple of guys from this rival group knew about the impending raid but chose not to inform. So much for being part of one community!

On another note, Zoltan Parag Bhaindarkar, who took part in the International Mr. Gay competition, said he was scared to come back to India. He says the Indian Media exposed him.

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Well Mr. Zoltan, did you really expect to remain anonymous after taking part in that event in this day and age when even the slightest bit of ripple can turn into a tidal wave by the media?

Incidentally, the competition had another Indian connection. Mr. Germany, who I think is hotter than Zoltan, has Kerala roots.

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To end this post, here is the man gay guys in UK think is the hottest!

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Yes it is none other than the new Bond, Daniel Craig. I have a feeling, guys in India are in agreement with the english on this one.

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Blabbermouth said...

Honestly speaking, the first time i have ever read something interesting except idle gossip & bitching from a gay guy.....
Really interesting!