Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm not Gay!

I know you guys will accuse me of gross violation of privacy for this, but I couldn't resist posting my interchange with a guy on a popular gay hookup website. I have taken due care to conceal his identity but if someone does locate it, please do not make it public.


I'm not gayHis profile (ID:h***** & h**) reads as follows:

hi i am s***** from n********, i like all type of gay sex, see i am not a gay but i need some time gay sex with young and hotest gay

 Our conversation:

03 Sep 2008, 16:53
h***** & h**: plz rply me dear how can i meet u 4 d%$# suck?

03 Sep 2008, 16:56
me: you are not gay...but you want to suck d%$#?

03 Sep 2008, 16:58
h***** & h**: now i am finally gay yaar u dont go with my profile

03 Sep 2008, 17:00
me: don't go with your profile? why is it there then?

03 Sep 2008, 17:02
h***** & h**: yaar b4 6 month i will made my profile that time i not was gay but right now i like gay sex ok

03 Sep 2008, 17:04
me: if you were not gay 6 months back, then why did you log on to a gay hook up website and create a gay hook up profile?

no reply yet after that!

If I do meet him I will certainly keep you posted if my suspect charms manage to convert him back to being straight!


Hidden Me said...

very funny... u do get to see these kind of interesting charachters.. :-)

vivek said...

ha ha ha :-)

Anonymous said...

The thing is they don't want to accept that they are gay and at the same time they also want to get laid :)